Packaged Hunts Native Whitetail Deer Package $4000 Non-Hunter Lodging $350 night The Whitetail package is a 3 day / 2 night stay which includes...

Packaged Hunts

Native Whitetail Deer Package$4000
Non-Hunter Lodging$350 night

The Whitetail package is a 3 day / 2 night stay which includes the following:

  • (1) Whitetail buck up to 149” & (1) Whitetail doe
  • Lodging, Meals and 1v1 guide.

Trophy Exotics

Addax$9,000 ea.
American Bison$7,000 ea.
Aoudad$5,750 ea.
Arabian Oryx$9,500 ea.
Axis Buck$5,000 ea.
Axis Doe$750 ea.
Black Buck$5,500 ea.
Black Hawaiian$4,500 ea.
Black Wildebeest$14,000 ea.
Blesbok$9,000 ea.
Corsican Ram$4,500 ea.
Eland$10,000 ea.
Fallow Buck$7,500 ea.
Four Horned Jacob Sheep$3,500 ea.
Gemsbok$10,000 ea.
Hen$50 ea. (Fall Season Only)
Impala$7,500 ea.
Mouflon$4,500 ea.
Nilgai$7,000 ea.
Nyala$16,000 ea.
Painted Desert$4,500 ea.
Pere David$9,000 ea.
Red Hind$1,500 ea.
Red Stag (up to 300″)$9,000 ea.
Red Stag (301 – 349″)$11,000 ea.
Red Stag (350 – 399″)$14,000 ea.
Red Stag (400 – 425″)$21,000 ea.
Red Stag ( 426″+)POR
Roan$20,000 ea.
Sable $21,000 ea.
Scimitar Oryx (Cow or Bull)$7,500 ea.
Sika Buck$4,750 ea.
Sitatunga$10,000 ea.
Springbok$6,750 ea.
Texas Dall$4,500 ea.
Turkey$300 ea. (Fall Season Only)
Waterbuck$9,000 ea.
Water Buffalo$5,500 ea.
Wild Hogs$125 ea.
Wildebeest$9,500 ea.
Zebra$8,750 ea.

Spring Turkey Hunts

Turkey hunts start on the weekend beginning at 2:00 pm on Friday and end at 12 noon on Sunday.

(1) Tom Turkey – Semi-guided$1,750 ea.


  • Lodging, Meals & 1 Tom

  • Add another Tom for $300 ea.

(1) Tom Turkey – Fully-guided$2,000 ea.


  • Lodging, Meals, 1v1 guide & 1 Tom for $2000

  • Add another Tom for $300 ea.

Group Minimum 2 Hunters, up to 8 hunters max. Non-Hunters welcome at $350 / night.


A non refundable deposit of 50% is required to confirm date(s) on the calendar. If no harvest / wound, deposit will roll over into House Account for Hunter to reschedule species of choice at Hunters convenience.
Guide fee $450 and Lodging fee of $350 per night will apply.

Non Hunter Adult Fee: $350 per night

Children under 16 enjoy Complimentary Lodging

Child meal charge: $30 per day each